Lost and Found

If you have lost something, TCCPD can help.

  1. The TCC Lost and Found is located in the Administration Building (#27). Check with the person at the desk to see if your item has been turned in. Hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  2. Contact the building lost and found coordinator where you lost your item to see if they have located it.
  3. Complete the Lost Item Report Form below if your item has not been recovered.

To claim property, all persons must show a student ID or a driver's license.

Found items are held for 30 days minimum, as dictated by Florida Statute. After 30 days, the items become the property of Tallahassee Community College. Items may then be auctioned or sold, and proceeds used to fund scholarships for TCC students. Any remaining items are disposed of or donated to charitable organizations.​​

Building Lost and Found Coordinators

Building Number​Building Name​Contact Name​Office Location​Phone Number
​1 English ​Greg Williams ​Room 247 ​201-8622
​3 ​Academic Support ​Room 258 ​201-8505
​11 ​TPP ​Room 233 ​201-8352
​12 ​FPAC Testing Center ​Renee Sasson ​Room 208 (Window) ​201-8352
​15 ​Lifetime Sports ​Room 101 ​201-8710
​18 ​Science and Math ​Gloria Wright/ Joshua Leven ​Room 251 ​201-8499
​19 ​University Center ​Linda Smith ​Reception Desk ​201-8070
​30 ​Library (Circulation and Reference Desks). ​Rooms 102 & 205 ​201-6108
​30S ​Learning Commons ​Brandi Elliott ​Room 260-A ​201-8239
​35 ​Student Union 1st FL DSS ​Room 172 ​201-6119
​35 ​Student Union 2nd Floor ​Terry Folsom ​Room 204 ​201-8490
​38 ​Workforce Development ​Room 231 ​201-9436
​39 ​History and Social Sciences ​Valeria Clements ​Room 238 ​201-8488
​41 ​Computer Technology ​Kethleen Mellino ​Room 238 ​201-6041