Communications Guidelines

The Office of Communications and Marketing maintains several policies and forms that help maintain the consistency of the College's communications efforts and overall brand. By upholding these guidelines and statements, we are able to set the standard on uniformity, reliability and the level of excellence TCC has become known for.  

Identity and Branding System

The Identity and Branding System exists to set a standard for excellence across the College for implementation of all identification and branding procedures. The policies outlined herein will govern: 

  • the design and content of messages
  • the process of approval for all communication materials
  • the production of brand-defining College communications

TCC Style Guide

The Style Guide is intended for contributors to TCC's catalog and Advising and Registration guide; department/division newsletters, brochures and other publications; Foundation and Alumni Association materials; press release and online materials. This is not intended for scholarly or academic work.

Publication and Advertisement Development Process ​
It is important that Tallahassee Community College’s printed materials present an image consistent with the high quality of the College's faculty, students, and programs. As stewards of TCC’s graphic identity, the Communications and Marketing Office is in the best position to design publications that meet this objective. Therefore, all publications and advertisements whether for an internal or an external audience, that carry the name or logo of TCC should be developed in consultation with the Communications and Marketing Office​.

Name Use / Logo Requests
Use of the official logo must be authorized through the Office of Communications and Marketing by means of the TCC Logo Use Agreement. Upon approval, all parties should use the logo files distributed by the Communications Office. Permission is granted solely for the designated project. Use of the logo on any other product or merchandise, or on any externally produced material, requires additional approval.

Photo Release Form
Names and images are often used in TCC publications, including print, radio, television, and the Web, to help convey promotional messaging of our College. Any individuals whose name or image is used for publicity purposes must sign a photo release before the College can use, reproduce and circulate their information.

Social Media Guidelines
TCC encourages the creation and administering of College-affiliated social media profiles or pages campus-wide. The Social Media Guidelines were created to assist in this process by introducing staff to current procedures and important information related to social networking.​

Privacy Policy
All information provided on the official TCC website is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between the College and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. Information on the official College website is subject to change without prior notice.