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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are a meaningful way to help someone reach their educational goals and career aspirations. As a scholarship donor, you will work with TCC Foundation staff to create the parameters of the scholarship. These options include:

Named Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are an enduring gift that will last in perpetuity.  Endowments may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000. At this level, the donor may work with the TCC Foundation staff to name the scholarship and develop criteria. The TCC Foundation is proud of the manner in which our Board stewards our endowments. Endowed funds are invested by a consultant and are reviewed by the Finance and Investment Committee of the Board on a regular basis.

Annual award for endowed scholarships:

  • $10,000 endowment - $400 annual award
  • $25,000 endowment - $1,000 annual award
  • $50,000 endowment - $2,000 annual award
  • $100,000 endowment - $4,000 annual award

Named Non-Endowed Scholarships

Non-endowed scholarships may be established with a minimum annual gift of $1,000 for three years.  The scholarship funds are awarded to the student the year following the gift.  Sustaining a non-endowed scholarship requires continued giving or over time.

The TCC Opportunity Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to as many students as possible each year by the TCC Foundation.  The scholarships are determined based on the current priorities of the College. A gift of any size may be made to the TCC Opportunity Fund.

Thank you for your investment in Tallahassee Community College and the students we serve.