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TCC2FAMU Golden Guarantee Program

TCC2FAMU Golden Guarantee Program IconTCC2FAMU provides guaranteed admission into Florida A&M University for Tallahassee Community College Associate in Arts degree graduates as well as:

  • Personalized advising with transfer-focused TCC and FAMU advisors
  • Specialized orientations and college success workshops

With an easier admissions process, personalized advising and excellent faculty and resources, we provide a strong foundation for graduates moving on to FAMU.

TCC to FAMU By the Numbers

# 1

TCC is the #1 transfer school to FAMU

60 %

60% of FAMU's transfer students are TCC alums


Tuition at TCC is about half the cost of tuition at a state university

Group of FAMU students in front of historic FAMU markerExperience

Located just a few miles away from FAMU's campus, TCC offers a rich student life to match FAMU's. Find your passion and immerse yourself with TCC's many clubs and organizations including the Honors Program, Theatre TCC!, Model United Nations, our award-winning speech and debate team, and exciting study abroad programs.

This program also gives you full access to attend FAMU sporting events, and you can participate in several FAMU activities throughout the year.

Living Here

As Florida's state capital and the region's epicenter of higher education with three major institutions of higher learning, Tallahassee offers many of the amenities of a large city with the convenience of a smaller community. Nestled among picturesque canopy roads, historic landmarks and hiking and biking trails the natural beauty of our area is unsurpassed. And with upwards 60,000 college students, this vibrant community boasts enough performing arts, museums and cultural richness to please any taste. Tallahassee is an ideal place to live and learn.

The FAMU-FSU Engineering Program

The TCC Engineering Club participates in programs arranged by the Tallahassee Section and the FAMU-FSU Student Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Activities include tours of local industrial and research facilities as well as participation in an annual rocket competition sponsored by the Florida Space Grant Consortium, Florida Space Institute and North East Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR). Tours of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering are available to prospective students and can be scheduled by visiting their Web site.


TCC2FAMU ensures our graduates a smooth transfer to FAMU if you stay on track to earn your degree and meet FAMU's academic milestones. Prior to the corresponding deadlines, you will apply for graduation from TCC and admission to FAMU as a transfer student to begin the process. 

Ready to get started?


Before you get started, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are just getting started in college. Must be entering TCC with 15 credit hours or less of college-level coursework (it is common and perfectly fine for AA degree-seeking students to begin their first semester at TCC having earned no credit hours previously). You will not be penalized for earning credit hours through high school dual enrollment classes, AP or IB exams, AICE courses, etc. (these hours are not counted toward the 15-hour maximum limit).

For example, if a student earned 12 hours of college credit through dual enrollment courses taken during high school, earned 3 more hours by passing an AP exam, and also earned 6 hours at their local community college after high school graduation, then the student will bring 21 hours to TCC that will be evaluated and may help meet the requirements of the AA degree.  However, only 6 of those hours will “count” as part of the 15-hour maximum limit for the TCC2FSU program, so this student is eligible to apply.

  • You are college-ready. Scores earned on SAT/ACT/PERT exams must place you directly into ENC1101 (College Composition) and MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra) or a higher-level math, or you are exempt from required testing (applies only to some students; this option can be discussed with your Advisor at Orientation).

For example, if a student is not exempt from testing, and their scores on the PERT exam require placement into TCC’s Level I & II Developmental Education courses in math (MAT0018 & MAT0028), and TCC’s Level II Developmental Education courses in writing (ENC0025) and reading (REA0017), then the student must simply complete these courses before they can join the TCC2FSU program. If this student completes the MAT0018, ENC0025, and REA0017 in the Fall semester, and then continues on to complete MAT0028 in the Spring semester, then they will be eligible to join the TCC2FSU program in the upcoming Summer semester.

  • You plan to transfer to FAMU after graduation. Must enroll as an AA degree-seeking student at TCC with plans to transfer to FAMU after earning the complete AA Degree from TCC. You cannot attend TCC for only one semester before transferring.
  • You meet the milestones for your intended major. TCC Advisors will help determine the classes needed each semester to keep you “on map” as you progress towards earning the AA Degree, and a minimum 2.0 GPA must be maintained at all times.
  • You are willing to attend TCC2FAMU program events and advising.  Must attend a Welcome Meeting in your first semester to sign a formal Participant Agreement is required to officially join the TCC2FAMU program (check your TCC email regularly for program updates and information).

If you don't meet these requirements, there are still many other available options for transferring after graduation. Visit the Advising Center to talk with an Advisor about your academic and career plans and to discuss options that may be available to you.

Next Steps

1. Complete the TCC2FAMU Interest Form

You will receive feedback on your TCC2FSU program eligibility once all required application documents have been received by TCC Admissions (final high school transcripts, any required test scores, etc.). For many students, this means you will hear from us 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your first semester at TCC, even if you begin the application process much earlier. All students who meet eligibility requirements will be invited to join the TCC2FSU program in their first semester.

2. Apply for Admission to TCC

Follow the Steps to Apply for guidance and clarification, if needed. Once submitted online, check your personal email for a message from TCC (usually received within 24-48 hours) with important information about your application status and instructions to access your new TCC account. Then, check out ways to become involved and connected at TCC, and begin to talk to friends and research possible housing options in Tallahassee, if needed (TCC does not offer campus housing or endorse any privately owned facilities/complexes).

3. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

This process can take longer than expected, and must be complete (and any awarded funds applied to your TCC account) before the course fee payment deadline so you can remain enrolled in your selected courses. You will complete both the FAFSA and TCC Financial Aid Application online, and other forms may be needed in special circumstances. All new students are urged to familiarize yourself with this process, get started early, and follow up to make sure all awarded funds are applied to your account correctly, if applicable.

Questions? Contact goldenguarantee@tcc.fl.edu for more information.