Earn while you learn in the masonry apprenticeship program. An apprentice is someone that enrolls in a training program and receives classroom and on-the-job training (please note that Program Sponsors are responsible for coordinating OJT component) in a career field with a future. The apprenticeship program at TCC is offered at no tuition cost to apprentices.

Prior to being accepted into an apprenticeship program a potential student must make application to the Apprenticeship Program Sponsor, the Florida Masonry Apprentice and Education Foundation (FMAEF).

Masonry Apprenticeship Program Frequently Asked Questions

​Masonry Apprenticeship (FMAEF) Program Contact
Robert Melgaard

Additionally, potential students must complete a TCC Application and be accepted by the College for admittance prior to registration.

The Masonry Apprenticeship program is an eligible Veteran Affairs (VA) approved program. VA approval is not through TCC. Please contact Al Herndon (904)838-6531 for more information on VA benefits for the Masonry Apprenticeship program.

​Masonry Apprentice Program

Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply. The program takes three years to complete. Classes are held one night a week for four hours. Each year is two semesters long totaling eight months per year allowing four months off for summer break. The mason apprentice program is provided at no tuition cost to the apprentice.

With a good attendance record and command of necessary skills, apprentices can enjoy increases in salary. As an apprentice, you will learn to do the job right the first time by a qualified instructor, called a Journey Person. You are taught job safety and to develop good work and life skills. As a mason apprentice in training, you will learn the trade faster and safer and have a better chance to advance as a foreman or supervisor based on your skill level. With the skills you learn in the 3-year program you will have a career for life and can take your experience anywhere in the world for employment. Classroom training will teach you about tools, materials, job safety, layout for block and brick, and blue print reading.

For more information contact:
Robert Melgaard